We stand by the systems that we install, and can service and repair many other systems out there. We offer both onsite and remote support options with business hours or 24×7 options for those that need pease of mind.

Spare Parts

We hold spare parts for all the systems that we sell to ensure that any system down failure can be restored as soon as possible. Critical parts are kept in our lab for testing and to help us test and support different configurations. We also keep a reserve of stock for emergency repairs.

24/7 Emergency Service

Our phones are always answered. When our staff are not available we have a 24×7 answering service that will answer your call and take your details. they will then escalate that through our on-call staff to respond as soon as possible. We always offer on-call services to all customers on a best-effort basis, and can arrange for contracted on-call support with agreed service level agreements if you require it.

Backups and Monitoring

We backup all the systems that we sell on a daily basis. These backups are stored in our secure cloud storage just in case your system fails. We can then retrieve a spare unit, download and restore the last good backup and your back up and running.

We backup the phone system configuration, router, switch and wifi access point configurations of any ubiquiti solution that we manage.

Remote Support

We are able to offer remote access support for all of our installations. We can use ad-hoc remote access support by taking over control of your local computer screen (with your secure approval of course) and for larger installations, we can setup secure vpn based remote access rights allowing us to work on the system without taking up your time.

Our remote access support rates are cheaper than our on-site rates so we are saving you money whilst fixing issues faster.

The Right Skills

With 27 years experience in the telecommunications sector, we have continued to work amongst emerging technologies, always pushing the boundaries and broadening our skills. We learnt the old-school way and will not be perturbed by older infrastructure. Tracking down faults involves a disciplined methodology that is a learned skill. Even the most elusive faults will not evade us.

Our skill set is not limited to the one task or technology allowing us to comfortably deal with many varied environments and systems.

The Right Tools

Having the right tools helps. We carry many tools onboard from cable locators, network testers, test-phones, Optical loss meters, visible light sources, F-Sets, cable testers, and loads more.